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Zoo InternQuest is a seven-week career exploration program for San Diego County high school juniors and seniors. Students have the unique opportunity to meet professionals working for the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, and Institute for Conservation Research, learn about their jobs, and then blog about their experience online. Follow their adventures here on the Zoo’s website!

Hi everyone! My name is Sage, and I am a currently a senior in high school. My interest in biology stems from a long-standing love and curiosity for nature, through a childhood of camping, travelling, and finding peace in the outdoors. I am particularly interested in wildlife conservation and carnivorans, and I currently volunteer at a exotic animal sanctuary. I also love hanging out at the San Diego Zoo, photographing, and learning about my fellow animals of the world. My goal is to become a conservation biologist specializing in the study and protection of carnivorans such as bears, felids, and canids. I am excited to meet some of the scientists, conservationists, and photographers of the real world throughout the duration of InternQuest!

In addition to my interest in biology, I am also an artist of many disciplines. As an illustrator, musician, and former professional stage actress, an integral part of my character is my passion for telling stories through art. My favorite art form is singing, but I also like to draw, write, play guitar and keyboard, take photos, and dance. It is my belief that while facts and figures can inform people, only art can make them truly understand.

While biology and art may seem unrelated, my passions are unified by an unending quest for understanding and appreciation for life, in all its peculiarity and tangling intricacy.

With that, I look forward to sharing my art and adventures with the world!

Fall 2017 Intern

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